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Shall I count to thee the reasons why you, Catholic 2.0 avid fan and reader, should vote for us in the upcoming Fisher’s Net Awards for Best Catholic Blog?  Is it perhaps our cool, cutting edge layout?  Our user friendly design?  Our competent authors?  Our entertaining articles?  Our informative articles?  Perhaps none of these reasons.  Perhaps all of these reasons.

As the resident Head Satirist here at Catholic 2.0, the duty fell on me to take you by the hand and explore with you all the many reasons we here at Catholic 2.0 truly are the Best Catholic Blog.


  1. We have a pretty awesome layout. I mean look at it. Look around the edge of the screen. Pull up your mobile even.  It’s a work of art.  If the Sistine Chapel could be a website, it would be Catholic 2.0.  And the Vatican wasn’t even nominated.  Catholic 2.0 lends itself to being a shining beacon in a dark world of Catholic conformity.  In an age where most Catholic sites would be content to simply look and feel the same, we here at Catholic 2.0 say no!  We will not be the same! We will stand out!  We will break free from the mold and forge brilliantly our own path to enlightenment!  Sure, we may lose some along the way (sorry, Scott).  But our layout is not one of them.  No, surely I tell you this, our layout is top notch, pleasing and soothing to the eye.  If our design were ribs, we have face a massive epidemic in this country where the economy would completely shut down as no one went to work, but merely consumed our layout ribs of perfection, BBQ sauce dribbling down their gaping maws begging us for more.  It’s that good.
  2. The Vatican wasn’t nominated.  You would think that for a Catholic Best Of awards, the Vatican would get nominated for best ECCLESIAL site, but as of this writing, it has not been.  You know who WAS nominated as of this writing?  That’s right, Jimmy Akin.  And his name sounds like a diet fad.  Well guess what?  Catholic 2.0 isn’t a fad ladies and gentlemen.  We have stood the test of time for all of 13 months and we’re going strong.  But what do you think it says that scores of people lined up to nominate us, and not an institution millennia old as the Church?  I tell you here and now, faithful reader, we are not going anywhere.  Catholic 2.0 is here to stay, and we will win the Best Catholic Blog and we will win it by you, for you, because of you. But also because our content is really good.
  3. Our content is really good.  Was there ever really any doubt about that?  Listen kids, this is a good life lesson for us all; good looks will only take you so far.  There will come a point where one needs to also have substance, as well as presentation.  Let’s say you’re slovenly dressed and have no substance.  That won’t get you very far.  Even well dressed without substance will take you only so far, because when you get down to it, people need to be fed.  And as I have already said, people crave our ribs.  And that is what we crave.  We strive to bring our devoted fans the very best in original Catholic content.  
It's sort of a big deal...

It’s sort of a big deal…

Can I have written down even more reasons about why you need to vote for us?  Yes.  Approximately 37 more reasons.  But that would only be a disservice to you, for then we would be depriving you of the joy of discovering those other 37 reasons yourself.  But here, since Pope Francis has declared this year to be about mercy, allow me to be merciful and show you three reasons you should.  One reason is Jon, our fearless leader and founder, who works tirelessly to make sure our content is done right and looks so well, including our layout!  There’s Colleen, who’s as pure a voice as one can get (and we need more of that feminine touch around here for sure).  And Scott.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said about him by a jury of his peers.

And here’s another; there’s you.  You are the reason we write.  Catholic 2.0 is a community, a community of likeminded individuals that desire to learn more about their faith.  Without you, we would not exist.  You give us the fuel we need to go the distance.  If we are awarded, it will not be for Best Catholic Blog.  It will be for Best Catholic Audience.  And you have already won that for us.  


Voting begins September 8 at www.bestcatholicwebsites.com

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