20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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This past Sunday’s Gospel reading continues with John’s discourse on the Eucharist, and paints a vivid scene for us of what transpired between Jesus and His followers.  We see Jesus standing before us, ready to give us Himself, God made flesh, and we turn away, confused.  Jesus, almost with outstretched hands, years nothing more than an intimate communion with us, …

Jesus Resting

Gospel Reflection: Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Gospel of Mark, 6:30-34 This Sunday’s gospel, from the book of Mark, is, in essence, a continuation of the gospel story from the previous Sunday.  Last week, Mark tells the story of Jesus officially commissioning his apostles, the “Twelve”, to go out, in pairs, and preach the Good News and carry on Christ’s mission.  This weekend, Mark has the …