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Fisher’s Net Nominee Review: Catholic All Year

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We are humbled at Catholic 2.0 to have been nominated by Fisher’s Net for Best Blog!! That being said, there are some pretty amazing sites that other Catholics have come up with, so we wanted to recognize them and hope that you will check their sites out as well and follow them. One of the first things we have noticed when the voting started is that it appears as if there is a bit of a rivalry going between the ladies and the gentlemen, specifically between two blogs that are generally geared towards the sexes. Catholic All Year VS The Catholic Gentleman. As this is our first Fisher’s Net review, we thought we would start with Catholic All Year.

Catholic All Year

Catholic All Year” is run by Kendra, an extremely busy mom with six kids! Not only does she have the kids to take care of, but she is also an accomplished author, writing “A Little Book about Confession for Children” which you can purchase here. The book helps kids understand why they are going to confession and how to confess. If you have kids, it is a must-buy book.

“Catholic All Year” has amazing parenting advice for Catholic families. Reading through some of Kendra’s articles, she finds amazing ways to bring home the faith throughout the liturgical year. Like most families, mine tended to keep church at church, with the exception of the major holidays like Christmas and Easter. Kendra has a whole guide on how her family tries to live out the liturgical year, focusing on “feasting as well as fasting.” Lots of parties, celebration on “name day” for the kids, the little things really seem to keep her kids interested throughout the year. Kendra also makes “printables” for families to use throughout the year as well for the different liturgical season.

Come Holy Spirit "Printable"

Come Holy Spirit “Printable”

Kendra has chosen to home-school her children, and as such has a breadth of information for future home-schoolers. She explains in her blog post that it was just easier to do than keeping up with the constant fundraising for Catholic School, and the inordinate amount of time volunteering and trying to raise her kids at the same time. She also has them wear pretty sweet uniforms too!

Finally, Kendra just gives good parenting advice. Grounded in Catholicism is great, but what do you do when your kid is experiencing the “terrible twelves.” or if bed wetting is becoming an issue? People write in and Kendra answers! Practical advise goes a long way in this world, and Kendra has the experience to help. We were really impressed with how many letters she answers, and the detailed advice. She also points out various books to read depending on the problem to help others out.

“Catholic All Year” is a really amazing website. A ton of great information for mothers and fathers, and a true witness of what lived Catholicism looks like. Their family is a great role model for the domestic Church, and more Catholic families should emulate what they do, even if it takes baby steps to get there!


Please check out their website and social media, and follow them!





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