Gospel Reflection: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The readings this weekend, particularly the Gospel, astound me.  One hundred people sit before Elisha, and he feeds them with twenty barley loaves.  Five thousand people sit before Jesus, and he feeds them with even less.  And Paul urges us from his prison cell “to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received” (Second Reading). If the …


An Open Letter To Young Catholics

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There’s no reason for you to remain a faithful Catholic.  Ireland and the US recently legalized gay marriage, Planned Parenthood is on the march, Bruce Jenner steals the spotlight and your leaders stay silent.  Don’t stay in the dark ages of Rome, come into the light of Progression. That’s what the world wants of you.  Let me tell you what God …


Evil, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

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The greatest argument atheists have against God is the existence evil in this world. Suffering. Pain.They can throw all the philosophical arguments they want, but pain is the great human connector. But will it connect us to the Divine, or to nihilism? Do not mistake me. This humble article here before you will not seek to completely solve it away. I …

Jesus Resting

Gospel Reflection: Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Gospel of Mark, 6:30-34 This Sunday’s gospel, from the book of Mark, is, in essence, a continuation of the gospel story from the previous Sunday.  Last week, Mark tells the story of Jesus officially commissioning his apostles, the “Twelve”, to go out, in pairs, and preach the Good News and carry on Christ’s mission.  This weekend, Mark has the …

March for Life

Planned Parenthood and Abortion

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If you have watched the news in the last 24 hours, you have probably seen the latest story about Planned Parenthood, a pro-choice, abortion provider who performs thousands of abortions a year. They are a non-profit organization and are funded in part by the federal government. If you haven’t seen the story, the Associated Press article is linked here. To …