Audrey Assad – I Shall Not Want

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Singer/songwriter Audrey Assad, a New York native, began her musical journey after relocating to Florida at the age of 18. It was there that the deeply spiritual Assad decided to focus all of her energies on her faith. A flurry of local shows and worship events followed, resulting in a move to Nashville and a five-song EP called Fireflies that …

Maria Goretti

The Power of Forgiveness: The Feast of St. Maria Goretti

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The 7th of July is the Feast Day of St. Maria Goretti. Few people know about her, she is just another name of a feast day in our Church. We have feast days all the time, for many saints. All of them are special in their own way, but all to often we overlook them. Most of the time, we …

Sacrament Saturday: Confession 101

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We are back with another Sacrament Saturday! Confession (or Penance, or Reconciliation) is normally the second Sacrament that a Christian receives while progressing through their faith. Confession is also one of the least used Sacraments, which is a shame. Confession is a key aspect in our lives, even outside of Church. If we harm someone, or treat someone poorly, it …